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  • maidefix

Academic thinking training

  • Philosophy of modern times
  • Philosophy of the French Enlightenment
  • Science philosophy
  • Analytical philosophy
  • Meta-math
  • Action theory
  • Formal logic

Academic degrees

  • Doctor of Philosophy (Dr. phil.)
  • Magister Artium (MA)

Doctorate at Heinrich Heine University

  • Richard Münch (Sociology)
  • Lutz money setter (philosophy)
  • Wolfgang Manz (psychology)

Thinking coaching qualifications

  • Subject-centered interaction: leadership and moderation in groups -
    Kurt Lewin Institute of Psychology - Hagen
  • Integrative Gestaltberatung - Association for Communication Consulting and
    Supervision, Remscheid, with Kurt F. Richter

Research topics (selection)

  • Societal discussion of technological risks
  • Organizational and communication processes in the technological environment
  • Theoretical foundations of the social sciences
  • Communication mechanisms and sociotechnology for the design of
    Opinion-forming processes

Publications (selection)

  • “Mario Bunge as a Public Intellectual”, in: Matthews, Michael R .; Mario Bunge. A Centenary Commemorative; Cham, Switzerland; 2019; Pp. 63 - 80
  • AGIL - Communication as a creative process, Hückelhoven 2019
  • Communication strategy - analysis method - finding solutions - cross-media planning, Hückelhoven 2018
  • Turn of the Tide - tide change - introduction to Mario Bunge's exact philosophy, Aschaffenburg 2015
  • PR formula - communication as a creative process, Neuss 2013
  • Communication - planning and shaping public opinion; Volume 2: Mechanisms; Neuss 2010/2011
  • Communication - planning and shaping public opinion; Volume 1: Basics; Neuss 2010/2011
  • (as Arthur L. Gelderblom) Witches ride: on the run from past life, Neuss 2008
  • Practitioner's Guide to Investor Relations. With IPO communication calendar for a successful stock exchange presence; Stuttgart 2001 and Neuss 2005
  • Investor Relations Monitor Neuer Markt 1997-2000; Grevenbroich 2000
  • Innovations Monitor 2000 Mittelstand; Grevenbroich 2000
  • Risk Communication - Hyperbook; Düsseldorf 1995
  • Media planner - planning software; Düsseldorf 1995
  • Public relations; Wiesbaden 1989
  • The methodological foundations of Talcott Parsons' sociological action theory; Inaugural dissertation, Düsseldorf 1985
  • The analogy of Parsons' theory of action and Kant's critique of reason in 1984; Master's thesis, Düsseldorf 1984

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